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7-Eleven Lauds Hershey Foods

DALLAS -- 7-Eleven Inc. president and CEO Jim Keyes presented the company's 2003 Retailer Initiative Award to Hershey Foods Corp. for its team merchandising efforts and creative approach to new product development.

"Hershey's collaboration with our merchandising team is an example of how to realize synergies between partners and companies that work to benefit both organizations," said Keyes. "Through cooperation in merchandising plans and using information to adapt to the changing marketplace, new products emerge, which provide for additional sales opportunities."

The 2003 Retailer Initiative Award was presented at 7-Eleven's Business Partner Conference on Aug. 25. The event was held near 7-Eleven's headquarters in Dallas and attracted more than 350 senior executives and managers from more than 170 companies. The participants learned about 7-Eleven's 2005 business objectives as well as the centerpiece of the company's merchandising strategy, Retailer Initiative.

Keyes said Hershey Foods excelled at applying Retailer Initiative in 2003 through the introduction of innovative new products, aggressive marketing efforts and day-by-day product management.
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