7-Eleven Launches Presidential Cup Poll

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7-Eleven Launches Presidential Cup Poll

DALLAS -- While political forecasting is not synonymous with 7-Eleven, an unofficial customer poll launched in 2000 separated George W. Bush and Al Gore by 1 percentage point. In a 2004 poll, President Bush received 51 percent of cups to Senator John Kerry’s 49 percent. As the Nov. 4 election approaches, customers are encouraged to pour their favorite hot beverage into either a red 20-ounce cup for Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain, or a blue 20-ounce cup for Democratic candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, and cast their vote for their preferred candidate.

7-Eleven’s metrics are straightforward as its "Just for Fun" presidential coffee cup poll gives customer a clear choice while grabbing their favorite hot beverage.

"When 7-Eleven held its first 7-Election eight years ago, we had no idea what the final results would be or how popular the cup poll would become," 7-Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto said in a statement. "While we don’t bill this as a statistically valid study by any means, it does reach Americans in their hometowns, on their way to work, after school or just going about their everyday lives. 7-Election provides an interesting daily snapshot of the election."

For those voters on the fence, an "unmarked" 7-Eleven hot beverage cups will still be available as well as bipartisan red, white and blue Big Gulp fountain drink cups, featuring both the donkey and elephant party symbols, DePinto noted. Customers’ votes are unlimited.

"7-Election is a warm-up for the real election on Nov. 4," DePinto said in a statement. "While awareness of this presidential election hardly needs to be raised, 7-Eleven is providing a not-so-subtle daily reminder to its citizen-customers about the importance of voting. Candidates might want to pay attention to this great coffee electorate, and even stop by a local 7-Eleven store to campaign or grab a great cup of coffee."