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7-Eleven Scores Big in "Undercover Boss" Media Value

Dallas-based 7-Eleven Inc. made a big media splash when its CEO, Joe DePino, appeared on one of CBS' newest hit shows, "Undercover Boss," by receiving more than $1.5 million in media value, according to Front Row Analytics.

"After only three episodes, 'Undercover Boss' intrigued viewers by bringing together the average employee with upper management. This show has distorted the line, at least temporarily, dividing the stereotypes of blue- and white-collar workers. With each episode focused around a single company and brand, it is an unbelievable opportunity for these businesses to gain valuable media exposure and impressions," said Eric Smallwood, vice president of project management for Front Row Marketing Services.

7-Eleven received $1,591,966 in media value through verbal mentions, signage and uniform logos by a total of 65 sequences.

With a nation watching the hit show, "Undercover Boss" continues to grab the attention of viewers, therefore increasing the level of brand exposure for the companies that are part of this series, Smallwood said.
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