7-Eleven Sells Facebook Credits

DALLAS -- PayNearMe launched a payment system allowing Facebook users to buy virtual game credits at local 7-Eleven convenience stores around the country, according to a report on MSNBC.com.

Game players can select the number of Facebook credits they want to purchase online at Facebook.com, print a receipt and take it to their local 7-Eleven, where it will be charged at the register, the report stated. Facebook credits run $5 for 50, $10 for 100 and on. Facebook also added free credits to user accounts to help fuel the demand for its currency, MSNBC.com reported.

Eliminating the need for using a credit card online, PayNearMe is taking the first step in building a payment system to provide offline payment for online purchases, according to the report.

To promote the service, a PayNearMe spokesperson said the company would offer bonuses to customers, with all users receiving a 10-percent bonus at the register. Also, those who are the first to buy credits at 7-Eleven's morning, second or night shifts get an extra bonus of 50 or 100 credits, the report stated.

PayNearMe is also developing a mobile app so customers can show a digital barcode instead of printing a receipt at home.

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