7-Eleven Sets Franchisee Seminars in Florida

PALM BAY, Fla. -- 7-Eleven, the Dallas-based convenience store chain, will conduct two seminars today on the requirements and benefits of operating its convenience stores.

The chain, with 39 locations in Brevard, has been converting from a mix of corporate-operated and franchised stores into a mostly-franchised operation.

Michael Da Re, 7-Eleven's franchise sales manager for the Melbourne/Daytona Beach area, will conduct the two 3-hour seminars in Palm Bay.

Typically, 7-Eleven provides the land, building and equipment for its franchisees. The average up-front, total investment for a 7-Eleven franchise in the Brevard County area ranges from $85,000 to $320,000 based on the individual store's profitability.

That money covers a store's opening inventory, supplies, business licenses, permits, bonds, cash register fund and the franchise fee.

Wednesday's sessions will be third series of seminars the company has convened in Brevard since last year.

Da Re said attendance at the seminars started out low but has been growing, probably due to current economic woes. People who fear losing their jobs or are worried about their nest egg seem to like the idea of controlling their own destiny, he said.

"You have people in the 50-, 60-year-old range saying 'I'm too young to retire and I want more control over my retirement fund.' And it's not just 7-Eleven, it's other franchises as well."
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