7-Eleven Soars to New Site

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7-Eleven Soars to New Site


DALLAS -- Executives at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport have given the green light to 7-Eleven Inc. to open a convenience store as part of the airport's Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program. It will be the chain retailer's first store inside a secured area at an airport when it opens in 2013.

The 1,291-square-foot store will be located near Gate 25 in Terminal A. Plans call for the store's product mix to include 7-Eleven's Slurpee, Big Gulp and Big Bite brands with an emphasis on fresh foods and bakery items that are delivered daily. Among other selections for hungry travelers will be hot foods, including pizza, potato wedges and chicken tenders. 7-Eleven also boasts healthier offerings, such as several sizes of pre-made salads, fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and low-calorie beverages.

"Although we have 7-Eleven stores on a few airport properties in North America, this will be our first located inside security and directly across from departure and arrival gates," said Dan Porter, 7-Eleven's development vice president. "7-Eleven is all about convenience, and our proprietary merchandising and logistics systems are prepared to serve the daily needs of both busy travelers and terminal employees. Dallas-Fort Worth is hometown for us, so it makes sense that our first U.S. outlet of this type is at DFW Airport."

The new location will be geared toward travelers, according to a company release. To provide travelers with value options, 7-Eleven will offer value-priced grocery, packaged snacks and bakery items under its 7-Select private brand. Also for travelers' convenience, the store will have refills that meet travel restrictions in addition to emergency, health and beauty items and popular magazines.

Ray Quintanilla, who will become a 7-Eleven franchisee under 7-Eleven Inc.'s business conversion program, and LS Travel Retail North America, a subsidiary of the world's largest magazine publisher and operator of nearly 4,000 "transit-oriented" stores worldwide, will operate the DFW store. Quintanilla already owns a number of concessions at DFW Airport and has been serving customers there for 22 years.

"7-Eleven already serves 40 million customers a day and is well known in many countries," said Ken Buchanan, executive vice president for revenue management at DFW Airport. "The company's commitment to quality and customer service, along with LS Travel Retail North America's know-how and Ray's experience should make this a successful operation and popular with travelers and airport personnel."