7-Eleven Tests Veggie Sandwiches in Philly

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7-Eleven Tests Veggie Sandwiches in Philly

PHILADELPHIA -- It may be home to the cheesesteak, but 7-Eleven stores in the area will be offering its customers something healthier -- a selection of vegetarian sandwiches made by local businessman Moshe Malka, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

Moshe's brand sandwiches -- in varieties such as faux-chicken, seitan steak, falafel and tofu egg salad -- are sold at four locations in the area, and will be expanded to all the 7-Eleven stores in the Philadelphia region, according to Janice Tancredi, 7-Eleven's Philadelphia market manager.

"In May, we'll be expanding the number of locations where you can get Moshe's sandwiches. [The product line] will eventually be in all of them around here," she told the paper.

Malka started his business a decade ago, and although he is not a vegetarian, chose to stick with them for his products because of the production involved.

"I'm a vegetarian manufacturer, but I eat everything," he told the paper. "I just didn't want to deal with meat so much for production -- with the sanitation and all. I had enough ideas with vegetables."

Moshe's sandwiches first came to a 7-Eleven store down the block from his operation.

"I went in there and said, 'Hey, I'm right next to you, making vegetarian sandwiches. Why not put it on your shelf, and if you don't sell it, I'll take it back.' It took a couple of weeks for people to realize that these things were there, but then they started selling," he told the paper.

"The owner eventually sold that store...and he was even more interested in carrying the line. Even better, he had a brother who owned five other stores, and the word spread."