7-Eleven's Slurpee Gets Its Own App

DALLAS -- 7-Eleven Inc. announced that its popular Slurpee drink now has its own iPhone and Android App available through iTunes and Android marketplaces.

"The Slurpee App for iPhone and Android is basically a 'thank you' to all of our loyal Slurpee fans, who are mobile and active," senior brand director for Slurpee Laura Gordon said in a company statement. "We want to provide fans a convenient way to find their favorite Slurpee drinks, no matter where they are, and easy access to cashing in their Slurpee Nation rewards points."

With the new app, Slurpee lovers can hunt down the nearest 7-eleven stores, complete with driving directions, and they can also log which Slurpee flavors they find at each 7-Eleven store for other drinkers to view through the app, according to the company.

7-Eleven has moved many of the functions previously available only at www.slurpee.com to the new app, so now fans have two ways of accessing the Slurpee Nation rewards program. According to the company, features accessible through the new app allow users to enter Slurpee Nation reward codes and browse and purchase items; and rewards points can now be cashed in through the new Slurpee App for everything from online gaming credits to video games and movie rentals.

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