Acumera Debuts C-store Connections Package

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Acumera Debuts C-store Connections Package


AUSTIN, Texas and NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Acumera has created the new C-Store Connections Package, an integrated platform designed specifically for convenience store operations and management, the company announced today at NACStech. It delivers enhanced information connectivity, visibility and security across the extended convenience store enterprise, the company said, and incorporates the new third generation Acumera Merchant Gateway, new PCI Tools in the AcuVigil Dashboard and new applications for the Machine-to-Cloud Integration.

The C-Store Connections Package was designed specifically to reduce costs, provide live data feed to assist in overall operations, and speed and simplify the process of PCI audits, the company said. New capabilities provided by AcuVigil PCI Tools deliver critical evidence needed to document and complete annual audits quickly; removing stress and reducing complexity associated with the PCI audit process is one of the most significant areas of interest to convenience store leaders, according to Acumera Chief Technical Officer Brett Stewart.

"PCI compliance is about more than having a compliant network. It's a complex, on-going process that requires time, energy and commitment. Acumera's goal is to provide tools to speed PCI audits, enabling our customers to focus on running their businesses," said Stewart. "Our approach to PCI compliance is unique, because it's based on relationships and extensive interaction with major PCI Qualified Security Auditors (QSAs). From automatic generation of current network configuration diagrams to archived logs of PCI events, Acumera's AcuVigil PCI Tools provide the critical evidence our customers and their QSAs need to complete annual audits in a efficient and timely manner." Acumera's processes and tools provide the information, evidence and support needed to stay on top of security and compliance issues, noted Stewart. "Business and security threats are real and increasing. Attackers on the enterprise are skillful, and getting more so with each passing day. Likewise, the environment is constantly changing. Employing a technical and compliance methodology that is equally dynamic is essential to being vigilant in both the security and overall operations arena," he added.

The C-Store Connections Package was designed with a variety of interests in mind, including visibility, connectivity and security. Special features include broadband management, a new merchant gateway, secure network development and implementation, machine-to-cloud integration engine, network operations center support and more.