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AGE Refining Begins Blending Biodiesel for Southwest Texas Market

SAN ANTONIO -- Independent refinery AGE Refining Inc. launched its B20 biodiesel fuel, a 20 percent mixture of biodiesel and 80 percent diesel fuel that meets the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) compliance.

The product blends sulfur-free, soybean-based, renewable biodiesel, provided by Houston-based Gulf Hydrocarbon Inc., with AGE's premium diesel fuel product. B20 is competitively prices with current market premium diesel and will meet distributors growing demand for biodiesel.

The state of Texas has also reduced its state fuel excise tax from 20 cents per gallon to 16 cents per gallon to encourage use of B20 biodiesel fuel.

The AGE introduction of B20 marks the first time in Texas that biodiesel will be available at the refinery rack. Before, distributors had to load fleet fuel tanks with 2,500-7,500 gallons and transport it to jobbers across the state.

“We are committed to providing a competitively priced, environmentally friendly biodiesel that is convenient and easy to transport,” said Glen Gonzalez, executive vice president, AGE Refining Inc. “AGE Refining's ability to offer B20 underscores our mission: a commitment to the environment that equals our commitment to producing high quality fuels.”

The B20 fuel will be available from respected petroleum distributors throughout South Texas, including San Antonio-based Dixie Oil Co.; Gonzales, Texas-based Johnson Oil Co.; San Antonio-based Tetco Inc. and Houston-based World Fuel Services Inc.
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