Agilysys Adds E-Mail Archive To Document Management Solution

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Agilysys Adds E-Mail Archive To Document Management Solution

CLEVELAND -- In an era when e-mail continues to play an increasingly larger strategic business asset role within today's companies, Agilysys, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise computer solutions and hospitality software solutions, announces it is adding an e-mail archive module to its DataMagine document management solution.

The new module captures incoming, outgoing and internal company e-mails for storage in a separate location and for a specified timeframe all while enabling end users to search and retrieve e-mail records quickly and easily for internal or regulatory audits.

"The DataMagine solution and our new e-mail Archive module are so critical for businesses today because the volume of e-mails and their attachments continues to increase," said Bill Lashley, senior vice president and general manager of Agilysys. "Storing too much e-mail data on the mail server wreaks havoc on large and small IT departments alike and our customers are finding that they're able to reduce storage space and back-up times all while improving the reliability and performance of their mail server."

An appealing by-product of an effective document and content management program with the DataMagine eMail Archive module is gaining risk management and regulatory compliance capabilities. In addition, Lashley explained the technology allows companies to go beyond regulatory compliance and gain a better understanding of employees’ e-mail communications trends for more effective management, analysis and utilization of the tool.

"The emergence of content and document management in corporate IT is important for companies because legal investigators follow information trails and build cases on old e-mails, archived documents and other data," said Lashley. "So from a risk management perspective, corporations really need this technology to maintain solid footing for future litigation or auditing it may face."