Albertson's Considers All-Hispanic Supermarket

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Albertson's Considers All-Hispanic Supermarket

BOISE, Idaho -- Supermarket retailer Albertson's said it is considering adding a new format to its operation of more than 1,600 stores, one designed to exclusively cater to Hispanic shoppers.

The Boise, Idaho-based retailer already has sections within its stores that stock ethnic and hard-to-find items for consumers with international tastes, and has stores located in ethnic neighborhoods, but does not have an entire store with departments totally dedicated to stocking such goods, according Brandweek, a sister publication of Convenience Store News.

As part of its decision, the company is conducting focus groups with Hispanic consumers to determine whether such a store would work, what location of the country would be best to try the format, what that store itself might look like and what types of items its would stock. Albertson's also has been tracking sales made my Hispanic shoppers throughout its system, as well as integrating into its decision the results of other surveys regarding the buying habits of Hispanic consumers.

"We're following this very closely," said Larry Johnston, Albertson's chairman and CEO.