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Alcohol, Cigarettes, Lottery, and more – Best Practices for Staying Compliant With Regulated Business Licenses

Thursday, May 23rd at 11am ET
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When you consider the wide assortment of products that convenience stores typically sell, it's no wonder that the industry is one of the most regulated sectors of the American retail economy. A typical convenience store sells packaged foods, perishable foods, frozen foods, lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol, and fuel. The potential for public health risks alone keeps this industry at the forefront of many licensing authority's agendas. That means the rules are strict, the process of obtaining licenses can be cumbersome, and the consequences of non-compliance are severe; punitive measures can range from fines on one hand to store closures on the other. 

Avalara recently teamed up with Convenience Store News to survey the industry and better understand how they perceive these challenges and the steps they take to mitigate their risk. In this webinar, two business license professionals, Alan Ruttenberg and Vicky Basile, will reveal the survey results and discuss best practices for the industry as a whole.


Attendees will learn:

  • Which departments in a company are most adept at handling business license compliance
  • How many licenses a typical individual can manage yearly
  • How business licenses become part of the due diligence process during M&As
  • And more

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