Aloha Petroleum Joins New PHA Sustaining Partners Program

Aloha Petroleum

HONOLULU — Aloha Petroleum Ltd. is joining the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) as a member of its new Sustaining Partners Program, which recognizes an elite group of companies fully committed to building a healthier America and accelerating progress.

Aloha will serve as a Bronze-level Sustaining Partner alongside Llex Fitness and the USA BMX Foundation.

Many Sustaining Partners have already made significant business changes or investments to provide healthier options for Americans and help sustain PHA's work through active engagement, thought leadership and financial support, the association said.

"PHA could never accomplish its goal that all children live healthier lives, growing up to be adults free from the chronic health conditions, without the help of its diverse group of public and private partner organizations," said Nancy E. Roman, PHA president and CEO. "Our Sustaining Partner program is yet another opportunity for companies and organizations to join our movement and become part of the PHA family."

Aloha Petroleum is one of the largest gasoline marketers and convenience store operators in Hawaii. It markets approximately 100 Shell, Aloha, and Mahalo branded fuel stations and 50 Aloha Island Marts, four Menehune Food Marts, three Subways, and five Dunkin' Donuts restaurants throughout the state. Aloha is the exclusive Dunkin' Donuts franchisee for the state of Hawaii.