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Alon USA Builds $14 Million Travel Center in Texas

MIDLAND, Texas -- Alon USA, a subsidiary of Alon Oil, has begun construction of an enormous $14 million travel center in Midland, Texas, company sources reported yesterday.

The complex will include 32 gas pumps to service cars, 24 heavy-vehicle pumps in a separate area, a motel, 7-Eleven brand convenience stores and restaurants run by leading food chains. The fuel pumps will be programmed to provide routine information to the company's Internet-based database, and the fuel will flow directly from Alon USA-owned refineries.

The concept guiding the construction of the complex is based on creating a relaxing and refreshing rest area that will provide travelers with one-stop shopping. A similar concept lies behind Alon Oil's Dor Alon stations along the Trans-Israel Highway, the sources noted.

Alon is a controlling partner operating the Trans-Israel Highway. The company entered the U.S. market in 2000 when it acquired the TotalFina fuel chain and established Alon USA.
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