Another Blow For CITGO

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Another Blow For CITGO

BOSTON -- Christy Mihos, a Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate and owner of 14 Christy's Market stores, is following 7-Eleven's actions and cutting ties with fuel supplier, CITGO. But unlike 7-Eleven's announcement of the expiration of its contract, Mihos' decision was political, not business, according to the Boston Herald.

The termination is over Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's comments at the United Nations General Assembly, where he called President George W. Bush "the Devil."

"[Chavez] is a bully and he's not going to change," Mihos told the Boston Herald. "I'm not waiting around. My lawyers and [CITGO's] lawyers are talking and they'll let me know about the [dollar] numbers involved."

Mihos said he wants to make sure he is not going to be sued by CITGO for the contract cancellation. Though he may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to break the contracts, it's worth it, he told the newspaper. His lawyers are discussing the cancellation of distributor deals with nine of his 14 stores on the Cape Cod peninsula.

When contacted Friday, campaign officials told CSNews Online that Mihos was unable to comment on this business decision due to laryngitis.

A spokesman for Houston-based CITGO declined to comment to the Herald, noting that it is improper to say anything while negations are underway.