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Arizona Circle K Gas Shortages Are Isolated Cases, AAA Says

PHOENIX -- AAA Arizona confirmed that any random gasoline outages at Circle K convenience stores Tuesday night were the result of a glitch in the company's distribution network and not a more widespread fuel shortage, reported

A bulletin put out Tuesday night by AAA Arizona said it had been notified by Circle K that unforeseen logistical problems might cause some stations to experience shortages of certain grades of gasoline. Circle K said the issue would be resolved by early today.

"This was not a pipeline supply issue, and there is no threat to the state's gasoline supply," AAA said.

AAA put out the bulletin to assuage any reports of more widespread outages.

Experts contend that panic buying after a pipeline break near Tucson last year was largely to blame for the shortages and high gas prices that plagued the valley for most of August 2003.
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