Arizona Gas Shortage May Affect In-store Sales

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Arizona Gas Shortage May Affect In-store Sales

PHONIEX, Ariz. -- So far, coffee, fountain drinks and hot dogs are still selling at Arizona c-stores providing gasoline, according to The Arizona Republic. But it could be only a matter of time before in-store sales begin to suffer -- and some stores already are reporting a decrease.

"It's a mixed bag," aid Santana Gonzalez Jr., a spokesman for ChevronTexaco. "It depends on how long people are waiting . . . some stores are up (in retail sales), and others are down," according to the report.

Some gas-selling c-stores say there is similar activity in the store as there is at the pumps, and if the gas isn't selling, neither are the in-store items, according to reports. "It's like a beehive when they have gas, and it's dead when they don't," said Joanna Weidman, spokesman for San Antonio-based Valero, which operates Diamond Shamrock

And despite the rise in gasoline prices, it is costing gas stations additional money to bring in the fuel. "Our costs have gone up so much to get the gasoline," explained Weidman. "It takes a significant amount of time to truck gas in from Tucson. The terminals are overloaded," The Arizona Republic reported.