Arkansas Lawmakers Advance Bills on Herbal Snuff, Tobacco and Alcohol

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Bills aimed at keeping herbal snuff, tobacco and alcohol away from minors cleared the House Rules Committee on today, according to Arkansas News.

One bill would prohibit the sale of tobacco-less products that resemble chewing tobacco to people under 18. The bill, which previously passed in the Senate, goes to the House.

The panel also endorsed a bill which would allow a person under 18 who is found guilty of possessing tobacco products or cigarette papers to be punished with up to five hours of community service. Current law only allows for confiscation of the items.

The committee also endorsed a bill that would allow liquor store owners to sue people under 21 who try to buy alcohol. The penalty under the bill would be payment of costs, fees and civil damages in the amount of $1,000, or $300 if the person completes a substance abuse course. The bill goes to the House.

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