Atkins Looks to Fuel Consumers

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Atkins Looks to Fuel Consumers

LOS ANGELES -- Starting at 6 a.m. today, 10,000 gallons of gas and scores of Atkins Advantage nutrition bars will be given away to lucky customers at the United Oil Exxon store here as part of a promotion by Atkins Nutritionals.

The gas will be doled out on a first come, first serve basis. Consumers will have to present an Atkins Advantage nutrition bar as their ticket to the free fuel.

This partnership is a great example of a convenience store owner and consumer product company joining together to ease a pain point for their combined customers, said Atkins spokesperson Katie Shugart, adding that it's commonly known that L.A. residents are some of the most health-conscious consumers in the country and they have some of the longest commutes with the highest gas prices.

"The giveaway will help fuel their cars and their bodies while drawing attention to the United Oil Exxon store and Atkins Advantage," she said. "Atkins Advantage wants to ensure that they are fueled for all of their on-the-go summer activities. In the meantime, it will also help attract customers to the convenience store during a time when gas prices are climbing and they are encountering a more frugal gas consumer."

This is the first time Atkins has done such a promotion, according to Shugart. To generate significant buzz, the company has been getting the word out through radio and TV promotions and local media relations.