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Atlas Oil Co. Launches Stimulus Promotion

TAYLOR, Mich. -- Atlas Oil Co., Kingdom Christian Center Church and WYPW Power 95.7 FM, will give away $15 worth of free gas to each of the first 200 customers at an undisclosed South Bend, Ind., area Phillips 66 gas station Sunday, March 15, beginning at 2:00 p.m. WYPW Power 95.7 FM will announce the exact location for the giveaway on-air, just minutes before this promotion begins, the company reported.

"We know some people are struggling right now, and we want to let these people know that we care," Pastor Canneth J. Lee of Kingdom Christian Center Church said in a statement. The generous members of the church raised $2,000 to sponsor the event, while Atlas Oil Co., which supplies fuel to 354 gas stations throughout the Midwest, donated $1,000.

Additionally, more than 50 Kingdom Christian Center Church members will be on location pumping gas and washing windows. WYPW Power 95.7 FM will promote the event on air during the week prior to the giveaway and broadcast live during the event. The Phillips 66 gas station owner will donate free coffee and fountain drinks to all promotion goers, the company reported.
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