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Bad Gasoline Damages Vehicles at 10 Pennsylvania Stations

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A mixup at a Gulf Oil distribution terminal in South Williamsport, Pa., resulted in motorists at several Lycoming County, Pa., gas stations filling up their vehicles with a mixture of diesel and gasoline, reported WNEP-TV.

As a result of the error, bad gas made its way to 10 stations in the area, said the report, including a Sunoco and a Sheetz station in Williamsport. A spokesperson for Gulf said it will cover costs caused by the bad gas. Affected customers attempting to make a claim will need to take the receipt for the gas and a receipt for the repairs to the station where they filled up.

John Campbell, director of operations for Sheetz Inc., confirmed that diesel fuel was accidentally mixed with 87 octane gasoline at the fuel depot, according to a separate report in the Williamsport Sun Gazette. The fuel became mixed due to a faulty valve or a valve that was left open, he said.

The tainted gas was then delivered to several area gas stations, among them the two area Sheetz stations, Campbell told the newspaper. Once workers at the depot discovered the problem, he said, they notified stations where the gas was delivered. Pumps were immediately shut down at both Sheetz stores, Campbell said. He was unsure of how other gas stations who received the tainted gas responded when they learned of the problem.

The tainted fuel was removed and replaced with "good product" and pumps were up and running within 24 hours, he said.
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