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Bake'n Joy Muffin Batters

Bake'n Joy Foods, Inc. announces a new line of all natural/whole wheat PANfree 5.25-ounce pre-deposited muffin batters. The muffin batters, made with wholesome, natural ingredients and white whole wheat, come in six flavors: blueberry, banana nut, corn, cranberry apple, oatbran raisin and triple berry. PANfree pre-deposited muffins are pre-measured batter units deposited into attractive bakeable paper pans and flash frozen for the freshest taste and perfect performance. The paper pans are placed in plastic carrier trays, 15 per layer, for easy handling and are packed 45 to a case for convenient storage.

Bake'n Joy Foods, Inc., North Andover, Mass.
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