Baltimore BP Station Going Green

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Baltimore BP Station Going Green

BALTIMORE -- Drive locally, think globally. That's the message a new eco-friendly gas station here is trying to promote. The new station is one of the first of its kind in the nation, and is designed to protect the Chesapeake Bay, WJZ 13 reported.

The BP station in Locust Point is going green with what is known as a "living roof," or green roof. Aside from saving in electric bills, the new roof can eliminate up to 65 percent of the annual runoff that would otherwise end up in local sewer systems or the bay. The minimized water runoff means less pollutants drain into the bay.

"The main purpose of having a green roof is for stormwater runoff. When it rains, a green roof will absorb one inch of water in a rain event," J. Kent McNew, of the BP gas station in Locust Point, told WJZ 13. "If every building in Baltimore had a green roof, [this] part of the bay would be better. There's no question."

In addition to the green roof, which will be completely installed in about a year, the station also uses high-efficiency lights and recycled water in its car wash.

"It sends people a message that private industry can do something to help the problems environmentally," McNew told the Baltimore-based TV station.