Bazzi Oil & Gas Pilots Safety Program in Detroit

DETRIOT— Bazzi Oil & Gas is teaming up with the Detroit Police Department (DPD) to keep customers safe and deter crimes in the community.

The company's location on Schoolcraft Road is one of only eight other businesses in the city currently involved in the Project Green Light Detroit pilot effort.

Project Green Light Detroit is the first public-private-community partnership of its kind. It blends a mix of real-time crime fighting and community policing to improve neighborhood safety, promote the revitalization and growth of local businesses, and strengthen DPD's efforts at solving crime.
At the Schoolcraft Road station, Bazzi Oil & Gas installed high-definition indoor and outdoor cameras and upgraded the high-speed network connections to allow for consistent video streams to the police department.

In addition, Bazzi Oil & Gas secured adequate lighting and maintains external Project Green Light Detroit signage, including metal flag signs under the station's canopies, decals at the top of the doors, and green lights above price signs — all to signify to customers and community partners that the station is part of the program.

DPD and the City of Detroit receive, monitor, and analyze video feeds from partners in the safety initiative, including Bazzi Oil & Gas' location, at a Real-Time Crime Center set up at the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters.

"Keeping our stores secure for customers and employees has always been a priority for our business," said Fadel Bazzi of Bazzi Oil & Gas. "By being a part of Project Green Light Detroit, we hope to not only further ensure the safety and wellbeing of local community members, but also make a positive impact here in our hometown."

Project Green Light Detroit will be rolled out to more area gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants this spring applying best practices developed from the pilot effort.

Bazzi Oil & Gas is fuel marketer in the Detroit area.

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