Bennett, FirstElement Partner on Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Network

SAN FRANCISCO – Bennett Pump Co. and FirstElement Fuel Inc. will join forces to create the first Hydrogen Fueling Station Network in the United States. The initial rollout will provide customers with fuel cell vehicles a choice of nearly 30 hydrogen refueling stations throughout California by the end of 2015.

According to both companies, there are plans and funding in place to build additional hydrogen fueling locations in the future as well.

When customers visit these hydrogen fueling locations, which will stretch throughout the Golden State from San Francisco to San Diego, they will fill up using Bennett Hydrogen dispensers.

"The Bennett Hydrogen dispenser is the most technologically advanced fuel dispenser Bennett has built in our 95-year history and demonstrates our continued commitment to alternative fuels,” said James Collier, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Bennett Pump. “Bennett is excited to be working with FirstElement Fuels as it is the leader on this project and we look forward to a successful rollout."

Spring Lake, Mich.-based Bennett Pump Co. provides fuel dispensing technology for retail and commercial applications, as well as alternative fuels dispensing technology.

FirstElement Fuel Inc. is committed to providing its customers with safe, reliable hydrogen fueling. 

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