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Best Green Design Honorable Mention: Green Valley Grocery

Green Valley Grocery, owned and operated by Crawford Oil Company, is a Las Vegas-based convenience store chain with 41 locations. Teaming up with Fort Worth-based design firm Paragon Solutions, Green Valley implanted several sustainable solutions in its retrofitted green convenience store that opened in October 2009. Interior and exterior LED lighting fixtures, energy efficient equipment, use of daylighting and recycled materials, installation of an energy management system, and a car wash water reclamation system were a few of the energy and water conservation methods used.

The company was able to quantify the results of several of its green initiatives:
-- Purclean Water Reclamation System: Incremental cost: $22,000; Annual savings: $12,424 (based on 80 percent reclaim); Environmental impact: 1.8 million gallons of water saved.
-- Anthony International ESP System: Incremental cost: $3,300; Annual savings: $2,400 (payback in 1.3 years); Environmental impact: 16,475 annual KWH savings.
-- LSI Exterior LED Lighting: Incremental cost: $9,000; Annual savings: $7,506 (payback in 1.2 years); Environmental impact: 68.5 percent energy reduction.
-- LSI Interior LED Lighting: Incremental cost: $12,000 initial savings; Annual savings: $2,365; Environmental impact: 39.13 percent energy reduction.

"The design solution was environmentally sensitive, reduced operating costs, increased the store's 'wow-factor' with customers, all while enhancing the overall profit potential of the store," said Lindsay Kutac, director of marketing for Paragon.
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