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Best Low Cost Remodel Honorable Mention: Circle K Stores Inc.

Completed in January 2010, Circle K store No. 5941 in The Villages, Fla., completed its redesign for under $100,000. The result was a store focused on product and merchandising, with an unimpeded path to the cooler and a brighter, more uniform presence throughout.

Designed by the Circle K Florida Regional Marketing Team and the Facilities/Construction Team, along with graphics design assistance from Food Concepts Inc., the first goal was to improve the flow of the store. Gondola runs are angled to aid traffic flow toward the vault, with single carbonates soft drink (CSD) beverages serving as the most visited destination, the company reported. Also, the customers return trip path is now merchandised according to market basket analysis to include complementary items based on shopping habits.

Furthermore, refrigerated floor space allows for a walk-in cooler exclusively for multi-pack beverages -- specifically beer -- and its design extends the refrigeration to both the products and the "customer experience," according to the company.

The store also expanded its foodservice presentation, devoting significant space to hot foods and dispensed beverages, including a hot sandwich cart, three roller grills, frozen shakes and the proprietary ThirstFreezer. A condiment island and a new, reach-in open air freezer were also added.

Wallpaper selections and enhanced graphics differentiate each foodservice offering -- cold beverages are blue, coffee is orange and food is red), and light pendants highlight the foodservice section. Also, LED lights illuminate vault doors, as well as the entrance to the refrigerated floor space, and Diamond-plate flanks the cooler doors and surrounding walls.
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