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Best Low-cost Remodel Spencer Distributing L.P./JJ's Fastop

Hudson Oaks, Texas

The Dallas/Fort Worth area has been experiencing a population boom. While an increased population leads to increased opportunities, it also means more competition. This prompted JJ's Fastop, the retail arm of Spencer Distributing L.P., to spruce up its 6,000-square-foot Hudson Oaks, Texas, store to look more modern and inviting.

The convenience retailer wanted the store, located in the Dallas Fort Worth suburb, to have a spiffy and classy “city” look. JJ's Fastop also wanted to emphasize the more upscale products it now offers in the coffee, hot food and wine segments.

The c-store operator enlisted the help of Infiniti Décor. According to Coby McCauley, design manager for Infiniti Décor, his company immediately looked to remodel the fountain area; the left side of the store where the walk-in cooler is located; the hot food and coffee island; and wine department.

“We used contemporary/modern stylized graphic backgrounds, LED halo-lit pin-mounted department letters for warm glow and highlights, color schemes and a letter style for a modern look, as well as brushed metal copper and aluminum laminates with custom embossing for that touch of class,” McCauley explained.

To entice customers into the coffee area, Inifiniti Décor added a red “Hot Coffee” sign surrounded by a heat graphic. In the wine department, the design firm placed a brown “Fine Wine” sign in a classic font, surrounded by grape vines.

Not only did Infiniti Décor want to freshen up the 10-year-old interior of the c-store, but the design could not exceed JJ Fastop's allocated dollars for the project. “We stayed within budget by being knowledgeable of the materials and graphic component manufacturing costs and by using them wisely and just enough to create the desired effect,” said McCauley.

The remodel has resulted in a significant sales increase for JJ's Fastop since the remodeled store opened in January 2010. “We created an upscale, updated interior that helps customers feel more comfortable in the store, resulting in a happier, return-trip shopper,” he said.

— Brian Berk

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