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Best Mid-Budget Remodel: Tedeschi Food Shops

When Tedeschi Foods Shops approached the building landlord at its location on Loring Avenue in Salem, Mass., the landlord asked the chain to redevelop the store format to utilize additional space on the right side of the store -- previously a laundromat and bookstore. Square footage remained the same with the new footprint, but the store itself gained additional frontage along Loring Avenue and the main parking area, according to Tedeschi. Also, by relocating the entrance to the store, the location eliminated the need for a handicap ramp at the front of the building.

To do the job, Tedeschi hired Upland Architects. For the exterior, the designer wanted to create a new facade and storefront that would bring more light into the store. And since the landlord of the property paid for this expense, the c-store chain was able to save money on overall remodel budget. Moving inside the store, the chain decided to relocate the checkout from the front windows to the side wall, opening up the entire front end of the store and bringing in more natural light. It was designed in an L-shape to allow keno customers to make their bets on the left side of the checkout without being in the way of customers shopping the store, the chain explained.

Also, a new sandwich case and coffee island were installed in the front of the store, and can be seen immediately upon entering. The location now features a new 17-door, walk-in cooler with LED lighting, as well as a beer cave. These eliminated all of the self-contained, front-loading coolers, saving monthly electrical costs for the store, as well as labor hours rotating the product.
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