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Best Single-Store Low-Cost Remodel Runner Up: Gas Station Brasília

Best Low-Cost Remodel
Honorable mention: Gas Station Brasília, Itapema, Santa Catarina, Brazil   
Designer: Gabriela Cervi Architecture

Located between two main points in Santa Catarina — in front of the BR-470 highway and behind the Itajai-Acu River, an important waterway in the region — Gas Station Brasília was looking for more than just a new design; it also needed a solution for the constant Itajai-Acu River floods.

When a flood occurs, the Civil Defense issues an alarm with little time for people to secure themselves. Now, after the remodel, the store can disassemble itself in an emergency and reassemble quickly to provide essential items such as fuel, drinkable water, food and more.

Gas Station Brasília
Gas Station Brasília
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