Best Single-Store Mid-Budget Remodel Runner-Up: Gas Land Sunoco

Best Mid-Budget Remodel
Honorable mention: Gas Land Sunoco, Hyde Park, N.Y.

The architectural renovation of this retail outlet in the town of Hyde Park drew the attention of the community. Using its proximity to the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site as inspiration, Gas Land Petroleum constructed the facade of the station to resemble the Carriage House at Vanderbilt Estate.

This design feature builds on the company's philosophy of recognizing the most important project stakeholder as being not the individuals financially responsible for constructing the project, but rather the members of the community who are being impacted by the project.

The new 1,898-square-foot convenience store and three pump islands with six fueling positions sits on a 0.27-acre parcel of land in the Town Center Historic District (TCHD) Zoning District.

Overall, the project involved the demolition of the existing service station, pump islands and canopy; the construction of the new convenience store, pump islands and canopy; modification to driveway entrances and parking layout; and upgraded subsurface drainage system.

The project also required approval of a remediation effort by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for an existing spill by the former owner. 

The community was so pleased with the final result of the renovation that Gas Land Sunoco won the 2014 Hyde Park Visual Environment Beautification Award.

Gas Land Sunoco
Gas Land Sunoco
Gas Land Sunoco
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