Best Single-Store Original Design Runner-Up: Jake’s Market

Best Original Design
Honorable mention: Jake’s Market & Grill, North Jacksonville, Texas
Designer: Paragon Solutions

Jake’s Market & Grill doesn’t mess around when it comes to embracing the local identity of North Jacksonville, Texas, the Tomato Capital of the World.

S.A. Thompson Marketing Inc. tasked design firm Paragon Solutions with creating the 5,146-square-foot store (with a 2,600-square-foot attached lease space) from the ground up. The result is a location that features a large, 21-door beverage cooler and spacious Brew House beer cave surrounded by walls finished in traditional brick with historic photography – and tomatoes adoring the walls.

In addition, concrete floors, exposed red air ducts and splashes of lime green paint behind the checkout mix modern flair with the traditional, according to the designer.  

Jake’s Market & Grill features full inside and outside seating for its foodservice and restaurant sections. However, if customers are in a hurry, there is a full-service drive-thru as well.

“The objective was creating a whole new identity, which included a single logo that exists for restaurant and convenience, while bringing the local flair to the design,” Paragon Solutions noted.

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