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Best Sky's the Limit Remodel Winner: All-N-1

Best Sky's the Limit Remodel 
Winner: All-N-1, Campti, La. 
Designer: Paragon Solutions

Following its remodel. All-N-1 is not just a convenience store; it is a painting brought to life in the form of a store, according to the designer that worked with owner Glenn Moffett of Moffett Oil Co. to not only renovate the Campti, La., location, but also expand it.

The new store spans 3,806 square feet vs. the original store of 2,690 square feet. To give the new All-N-1 a vibrant Louisiana flavor with lots of personality, the redesign features bright pops of color that are complemented by wood plank finishes and industrial brushed metal signage.

The result is a store design that is "spectacular in color and movement," according to the designer Paragon Solutions. In particular, the artistic designs on the checkout counter and the bathroom doors add beauty and class to the store's interior.

Customers can feast on the décor along with the foodservice offerings at the store. The existence of a Papa John's pizza location inside was an extra challenge during the design process, as the final result had to work well with the quick-service restaurant's branding. Ultimately, All-N-1 now has a distinctive look that makes it an attractive and fun place to shop.

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