The Best Store Designs of 2010

From Brooklyn, N.Y., to Alberta, Canada, 14 convenience stores have been recognized for setting the standard in store design and innovation in this year's Convenience Store News Store Design Contest.

This year's winners include:

-- A convenience store whose design harkens back to the days of rural general stores;
-- A "green" store heated by a 30-ton geothermal system;
-- A store that boasts one of the speediest and most efficient drive-thrus in the industry;
-- A luxuriously designed food store with granite countertops, and cherry and mahogany wood accents;
-- A "sky's the limit" remodel that provides a new image to a small Iowa-based chain;
-- A deft, low-cost conversion of the former Jack in the Box-owned Quick Stuff brand to its new owner's look;
-- An innovative use of additional space that improves the overall look and design of an existing store; and,
-- A store that gives customers several fun reasons "Y" they should stop there.

To read more on this year's winners and honorable mentions, including images of all stores, click on any of the store names below:

-- Best Original Design: The Station
-- Honorable Mention: Street Corner

-- Best Green Design: WinVest Super Station
-- Honorable Mention: Green Valley Grocery

-- Best Low Cost Design: Stripes/Susser Holdings
-- Honorable Mention: Circle K - Florida region

-- Best Mid-Budget Remodel: Tedeschi Food Shops

-- Sky's the Limit Remodel: Big 10 Marts
-- Honorable Mention: Stripes/Susser Holdings

-- Best Interior Design: Bolla Market
-- Honorable Mention: Shoemaker's Truck Stop

-- Best Exterior Design: Swiss Farms
-- Honorable Mention: Peninsula Co-op

-- Best Themed Design: Y Not Stop
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