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Biometric Payments Debut in Missouri

ARNOLD, Mo. -- Biometric payments have made their way to Missouri.

Customers at the Express Mart in Arnold, Mo., can pay for items using their fingertips now that the convenience store is equipped with BioPay. The store is the first in the state to offer this type of technology, the company reported.

Express Mart LLC, a division of Home Service Oil Company, is a 10-store chain in the Jefferson County, Mo., area. They are branded Citgo and Phillips 66.

BioPay uses a person's unique finger image and their chosen BioPay number (usually a phone number) to authorize a secured debit direct from their checking account. The one-time enrollment can be completed at any merchant that offers the biometric payment service and the entire process takes less than two minutes. Once enrolled, the customer can purchase in seconds with their finger at any BioPay payment location across the United States. The BioPay service is free to the consumer.

Express Mart chose to implement BioPay to give its check writing, credit and debit card customers in the Arnold store greater convenience when making a purchase. An important benefit has been a reduction in the store's payment processing costs.

"With BioPay payments, we are increasing convenience for our consumers while lowering our costs. BioPay costs us 67 percent less than processing a credit or debit card transaction, and we can pass that savings along to the consumer," said Kal Abhari, managing director, Express Mart.
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