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Blockbuster Rolls Out Execution Management Software

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- Blockbuster Inc. completed the rollout of RedPrairie's Execution Management solution in 500 stores within a 10-week timeframe and plans to implement the solution in its remaining stores, the company reported.

"Integrating Execution Management with our existing Workforce Management solution means our district managers can focus more time on coaching store associates and driving sales not only in day-to-day operations, but during specific promotions as well," Jeff Gloor, Blockbuster's vice president of operations, said in a released statement.

Blockbuster is using Execution Management and Workforce Management to provide store-specific communication, gather store data quickly and accurately, and provide store on-time compliance data to all levels of the organization, according to the vendor. As a whole, the two integrated solutions provide a greater degree of visibility and consistency.
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