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BONUS CONTENT: The Best In-Store Locations for Bakery


NATIONAL REPORT — Nothing says “fresh” in a convenience store quite like the aroma of just-made baked goods. However, smell is not the only tool c-store retailers can use to boost their bakery sales.

Because fresh bakery is a highly impulsive category for consumers, a critical factor in maximizing the profitability of a bakery offering is making sure the items receive as much visibility as possible inside the convenience store — and in more places than just the traditional bakery case.

Maurice P. Minno, principal of consulting firm MPM Group and board director for convenience store chain Maverik Inc., shared with Convenience Store News the following insights on where in the c-store is best to merchandise fresh bakery and pastry items to attract the most customers: 

On the Path to/Near to/Adjacent to the Coffee Area

This is the prime real estate area of the store for display of fresh bakery products. Whether on the path to, near to or adjacent to the coffee area, a fresh bakery offer requires bold, visually appealing and appropriately located (following store signage hierarchy principals) branded signage that rightly communicates the fresh bakery offer’s story.

At the Front Checkout Counter

Various locations at the front checkout counter can be used for high-impact displays of fresh bakery products. This includes: on the customer landing area; adjacent to the customer landing area; and in front of/in the center of the checkout core (using an appropriately sized and branded fresh bakery display case).

"Welcoming Tables" Located Just Inside the Store’s Front Entrance

Assuming the store size is large and can accommodate them, welcoming tables located at the store entrance are a great merchandising technique. A welcoming table can be the focal point for showcasing an appropriately sized, clear, fresh bakery case. Inside this case, the offer should change at least three times a day with different daypart-appropriate products. 

Surrounding this bakery case, on other welcoming tables, multipack packages of a c-store’s fresh-baked products can be displayed. Baskets and other attractive display props on the welcoming tables can enhance the entire presentation.

Editor’s note: Look in the May issue of Convenience Store News for more tips on successfully executing a fresh bakery program, including advice on branding, product mix and baking on-site. 

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