BONUS CONTENT: Quick Tips to Sell More General Merchandise

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BONUS CONTENT: Quick Tips to Sell More General Merchandise

By Renee M. Covino, Convenience Store News - 08/16/2017

NATIONAL REPORT — Funny thing about general merchandise: the key to success is anything but general. Rather, it lies in the specifics. While convenience stores are known to fulfill immediate needs with food and beverage items, immediate and impulse needs also can be satisfied with general merchandise items, depending on the specific item and where it is merchandised.

After all, there are many subcategories within the broad category of general merchandise. Most c-stores try out a handful of different items, aware that seasonal rotation and item innovation keep overall category sales moving. Utilizing a set number of subsets, the goal is not to be everything to everyone in general merchandise, but rather to be innovative and in-stock in your chosen segments.

Convenience channel experts offer these quick tips to sell more general merchandise:

  1. In the general merchandise and health and beauty care categories, consider eliminating middle-tier price points, advises industry supplier Lil' Drug Store Products. A limited choice of a high and low price point is less confusing for on-the-go convenience store customers.
  2. In the mainstay batteries category, make sure displays are "super in-stock" during the holidays, back-to-school and summer travel seasons, advises convenience distributor McLane Co. Inc. Coin batteries are expanding their presence into sets with the 2032 and 2025 sizes.
  3. Glove SKUs should number between four and 12, with the largest mix offered in stores where there is heavy construction zones or above-average lawn care providers in the area.
  4. Novelty and seasonal items go beyond the scope of the main four seasons: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Don't forget the growing popularity of "fifth season" occasions like Mother's Day, Super Bowl and Father's Day, to name a few.

Editor's note: Look in the August issue of Convenience Store News for more general merchandise insights.