BP Extends No-Swipe Technology

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BP Extends No-Swipe Technology

SAN FRANCISCO -- BP is joining a growing list of merchants in upgrading its point-of-sale infrastructure and accepting Visa products with the contactless feature. Consumers already can take advantage of the no-swipe technology at 1,100 BP-branded sites, and the chain plans to roll out this technology to 10,500 of its retail locations nationwide.

In total, about 31,000 merchant locations in the U.S. accept contactless payments.

In an effort to support the momentum for contactless payments worldwide, Visa also announced it has developed a global name for its contactless payment feature: Visa payWave. The name was chosen because it provides consumers with an illustration of the action required to make a contactless payment and best communicates the transaction speed, ease and convenience of using the contactless feature, the company said.

In addition, Visa is planning an integrated marketing campaign to highlight the speed and convenience of the Visa payWave feature to help consumers recognize the universal acceptance symbol for contactless payments at the point of sale, and illustrate the simplicity of making a Visa payWave transaction.

Visa issuers have the option to incorporate the Visa payWave feature into their contactless product name and card design, but are not required to do so. To date, 10 Visa issuers have begun to issue cards with the Visa payWave feature.