BP Feeling the Pressure

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BP Feeling the Pressure

LONDON -- U.S. regulators have been putting pressure on BP for an outline of its plan to replace the corroded pipelines in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the Times Online reported.

The Prudhoe Bay oilfield was shut down over the summer after a pipeline leak spilled four to five barrels of crude oil onto the tundra. Regulators have become increasingly attentive to the situation, as top BP management is criticizing the company in an attempt to change its corporate culture, the report stated.

In a report that was published on the company's internal Web site, Tony Hayward, the head of exploration and production, lashed out at the company's management for being "too directive" and failing to listen, the newspaper reported.

In reference to the company's recent mishaps, including a refinery explosion and the pipeline leaks in Alaska, Hayward claimed BP's cost-cutting style got them "more for less," adding that difficulties often arose when 100 percent was being achieved with 90 percent of the resources, the newspaper reported.