BP Improves Rewards Program, Site Technology

CHICAGO — BP America Inc. unveiled several improvements to its Driver Rewards loyalty program and credit card processing technology aimed at helping BP-branded marketers meet consumers’ evolving payment and card security needs at the pump.

According to the company, its new technology platform is intended to help branded marketers run their businesses securely and efficiently, while saving time and money via greater connectivity options.

Notably, the platform will provide BP-branded marketers the ability to accept EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) credit cards and debit cards. In addition, the technology platform is designed to allow branded marketers to accept mobile payments and more effectively implement loyalty programs.

“We’re confident this new technology will provide customers with a more sophisticated and personalized experience,” said Helen Fitzpatrick, marketing director of product and offer development at BP. “This technology also gives us the opportunity to further improve our capabilities for customers now and in the future as the demand for flexible payments, security and technology upgrades continue to grow.”

BP marketers can request these upgrades beginning April 15. BP America will provide incentives to reduce the cost of implementation.


On the consumer side, members of BP Driver Rewards, BP Card with Driver Rewards and BP Co-Branded Card with Driver Rewards can participate in an enhanced rewards program, set to begin May 18. The program will feature enhanced rewards, new program promotional offers and more ways to earn.

BP Driver Rewards: 

  • No minimum visit and minimum purchase gallon requirements, plus a simple and easy-to-understand reward structure.
  • Customers will earn 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent on fuel at participating BP stations. 
  • Easy account access at the pump and inside the store by entering a phone number instead of swiping a BP Driver Rewards card.

​BP Co-Branded Card with Driver Rewards: 

  • New credit card partner Synchrony Financial comes aboard this year, bringing deep expertise in technology and loyalty programs. 
  • Customers receive 25 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 on fuel and convenience store purchases at BP. 
  • Receive 15 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 on groceries, travel and dining. 
  • Receive 5 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 everywhere else excluding non-BP fuel stations. 

BP Card with Driver Rewards: 

  • Customers receive 10 cents off per gallon in rewards when they spend $100 on fuel and convenience store purchases at BP. 

The newly enhanced BP Driver Rewards program will be launched with a digital marketing campaign aimed at generating awareness and acquiring new customers to the program. BP is also planning multi-channel advertising support, events at retail sites and promotions throughout the year. Current reward members will be notified of the new offer details in March.

More details —  including terms and exclusions — can be found here beginning on March 18. 

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