BP Rolls Out New IT Platform to Support Its Future Digital Strategy

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BP Rolls Out New IT Platform to Support Its Future Digital Strategy


CHICAGO — BP and retail information technology (IT) consultancy and technology firm REPL Group collaborated to introduce BP RESET, a major global program to modernize BP's retail site IT landscape.

REPL was tapped as BP's strategic partner to roll out a new cutting-edge head-office, back office and stock management system to operate in thousands of its retail stores globally.

BP RESET uses future-proofed technology in a far-reaching solution that updates and streamlines all of BP's point of sale and back office systems, and will form a future leading platform for BP's digital strategy, REPL said in a statement.

The solution also included developing digital applications for hand-held terminals to improve employee efficiencies on-site. Flexible cloud-based technology was implemented in place of existing set-ups that allows BP to change and adapt as its business demands evolves.

"In a very joined up way BP, REPL and other partners formed a very strong delivery team that is running a global program to build the foundation for BP's digital strategy," commented Markus Krieger, program director, BP. "On the whole journey we were always pushing the edge by bringing innovation in all areas, from ways of working over commercial models to solution and test automation, including the use of robotics. Where delivered we can now access detailed data-driven insights to boost employee engagement and enablement, alongside delivering an exceptional customer experience.

"Thanks to a fully-integrated, intelligent set-up that has the ability to introduce the power of machine learning to the forecourt, speed, convenience and control will be possible for hundreds of our employees across our stores and head office, as well as our customers," he added.

In order to support the initiative with BP, REPL invested heavily in a new technology hub that acts as a testing lab for the firm’s R&D automation testing.

Over the next five years, REPL will be leading the strategy to expand the program to additional markets, including 10 countries.

"With multiple operations, including 18,300 petrol stations across fifty countries, each with unique requirements, BP's legacy systems landscape was complex. However, this played to one of our key strengths — a conviction that one size doesn't fit all. As a world-class systems integrator, we took ownership of the program delivery, including testing and integration," said Mike Callender, executive chairman, REPL.

REPL Group is a consultancy and technology firm specializing in workforce management, supply chain, point of sale and in-store digital solutions. It is based in the United Kingdom.

With U.S. headquarters in Chicago, BP is a global producer of oil and gas with operations in more than 70 countries.