Buc-ee's Uses Video Interviews for Faster Hires

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Buc-ee's Uses Video Interviews for Faster Hires


LAKE JACKSON, Texas -- With every company clamoring for the cream of the crop, convenience store chain Buc-ee's Ltd. is winning the race for talent with the help of video interviewing technology from Columbus, Ohio-based TalentRooster.

The c-store retailer, which operates throughout the Gulf Coast region of Texas, receives more than 16,000 applications per year, according to TalentRooster. The hiring process requires an enormous amount of time to sift through the applications, schedule interviews and finally identify those that will best represent the brand. Looking for a better solution, Buc-ee's owner tasked himself with investigating options to improve this process.

Buc-ees decided to consider video interviewing technology, a tool designed to expedite the hiring process. Video interviewing empowers Buc-ee's leadership to "see and hear" applicants and answer relevant questions before committing to a live interview. The net result is faster hires and a significant savings of time and money, the technology provider reported.

Buc-ees looked at several video interview firms with varying styles and cost, but ultimately chose TalentRooster because it was the most cost-effective and the technology platform allows its managers to review applicant videos 24/7.

Although TalentRooster offers a web-based solution, Buc-ee's opted to put kiosks in its stores, enabling applicants to apply in person. "As our team grows more comfortable with this technology, we will add it to our online application", Buc-ee's owner said.