Burger King Boosts Marketing Innovation

MIAMI, Fla. -- Burger King's efforts to reach out to demographic segments beyond males aged 18 to 35 are paying off, expanding its overall customer base, according to a MediaDailyNews report.

The fast food chain has "historically focused on a very narrow consumer base," said Burger King North America President Steve Wiborg. However, "a key element of our strategy is to broaden the appeal of our advertising and bring a more diverse customer mix back into our restaurants."

Iniatives aimed at women and adults aged 50+ saw increased results with customer segmentation in Q3, according to the report.

The company also stepped up its efforts to use social media as a marketing tool and reached six million "likes" on its Facebook page with no acquisition costs, and sees the potential to use the platform for new promotional tactics, Wiburg stated.

Despite the new marketing strategies, Burger King is highlighting its existing attributes. "Our television advertising is increasingly focused on taste, which we think is a key differentiator," Wiborg said in an earnings call.

Wiborg added that several recent menu introductions, such as smoothies and chicken strips, are contributing to sales without "cannibalizing" existing products.

The company is also trying to fine-tune its use of price promotions. "Promotions are being used in an increasingly deliberate manner to drive traffic, while also creating ongoing awareness of our new menu platforms," Wiborg stated.

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