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C-Store Chains Partner with Trax Retail Solutions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Trax Retail Solutions, a company specializing in loss prevention and store operations control solutions, has received several commitments from new customers after officially introducing its Loss Prevention Power Suite to the convenience store industry.

"We have been teaching supermarket and convenience store retailers to use smart technology and training store managers to run smarter stores for over 15 years," said Larry Miller, president of Trax. "In all, we have worked with over 970 companies and trained over 22,000 store managers to improve their profit."

Miller added that the company's new retail partners include Wesco Convenience stores, Thornton Oil, Quick Chek stores, Albertsons Fuel Centers and Town and Country stores.

The Trax Loss Prevention Power Suite encompasses software and services for profit optimization aimed to improve performance of people, processes and practices. Elements of the suite include: ShrinkTrax for POS -- a proactive loss prevention solution geared to prevent cashier-related shrink before it happens; DM2 Data Mining -- a data mining software for loss prevention; Trax Scorecards -- a digital video recorder/data mining system; Time to Competency -- a performance tracking tool for new hires that shortens their training cycle; and StoreWalk for automated inspection and management excellence in store conditions.

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