Cadbury Schweppes May Sell Healthier Treats

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Cadbury Schweppes May Sell Healthier Treats

United Kingdom-based confectioner Cadbury Schweppes may expand its low-calorie, low-fat, reduced sugar product range, according to published reports.

"We are committed to focusing on product choice," a Cadbury spokesman told "Low-calorie, low-fat, lower sugar product research is a growing sector."

A "significant portion" of the group’s research and development budget, which is expected to increase from $153.4 million to $167.4 million by 2009, will be dedicated to the development of "lite sweets," the spokesperson said.

The company will not offer reduced calorie, fat or sugar options at the expense of quality and taste, the spokesperson said.

"Confectionery is a treat, not a staple food. People are not duty bound to buy confectionery so it is important that it tastes delicious and is enjoyable to eat," the spokesman said. "Simply producing a low-calorie alternative to an original product that doesn’t taste as great and won’t excite consumers is not an option."

Pointing to the recent launch of the no-added-sugar Cadbury Highlights chocolate bar, the spokesman said Cadbury is committed to the development of new brands and ranges in response to growing demand for healthy treats, rather than focusing on the reformulation of old favorites.