California C-stores Face Smog Compliance Deadline

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California C-stores Face Smog Compliance Deadline

SACRAMENTO -- In an effort to reduce smog emissions by up to 10 tons a day throughout California, the Air Resources Board (ARB) sent out a reminder to service stations reminding them that gasoline pumps must be in compliance by April 1, 2009.

"We are turning over every stone in our constant quest to reduce smog levels in California," ARB Chairman Mary Nichols said in a statement.

In total, the regulation applies to roughly12, 000 gasoline dispensing facilities in parts of the state that are currently failing to meet state health standards for ozone, the group stated. Owners are required to obtain permits, purchase enhanced vapor recovery equipment and arrange for installation by a certified contractor in the next six months, noted Nichols.

The retrofitted devices will reduce spillage with improved nozzles and cut gasoline vapor fugitive emissions with vapor processors. ARB fuels experts estimate the retrofits will cost roughly $11,000 per pump, with two companies having received ARB
certification on their technologies and another expected this month.

"There’s no excuse for not meeting the deadline—people know it’s coming, the technology to comply is there and the public health benefits are easily quantifiable. Penalties for missing the deadline will not only cost operators, but delay clean air for many regions of the state," Nichols said in a statement.