Camel Dip Expands to New Markets

NEW YORK -- R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (RJRT) is starting off 2010 with two new initiatives centering around its Camel brand -- an expansion of its Camel Dip moist smokeless tobacco and new packaging for its Camel Menthol cigarettes -- following its ongoing initiative to make Camel a "total tobacco brand," company executives recently told CSNews Online.

Camel Dip -- in Dark Milled and Wintergreen Wide Cut varieties -- debuted in June 2009 in Colorado and Florida. During the first quarter 2010, the product will enter 10 new lead markets, including New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, California, Oregon, Taxes, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Washington. A third style is also being introduced, Camel Wintergreen Pouches.

And in March, RJRT will officially launch new packaging and a marketing effort for its Camel Menthol cigarette line, a menthol cigarette that has a capsule in the filter that contains menthol to give adult smokers' a more fresh, cool experience, company representatives told CSNews Online. The capsule technology is the same as that found in Camel Crush, which debuted in nationally September 2008 and offers adult smokers the opportunity to experience menthol at a moment they choose.

"Based on [the results of] Camel Crush, we're optimistic around a reinvigorated Camel Menthol property," Brian Stebbins, senior marketing director for Camel Cigarettes, told CSNews Online.

Camel Menthol launched nationwide in August 2009, and as of next month, it will feature a new package that highlights the product's point-of-difference and new marketing efforts, including a full promotional plan at retail locations, an electronic campaign, direct mail and consumer engagement elements, he said.

"What we are embarking [on now] is communications to broader menthol smokers, telling them there are options in menthol that they didn't expect," Stebbins said, adding previous marketing was toward current Camel customers, and "now it is a push toward competitive business."

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