Campbell's Chefs Pinpoint Six Food Trends to Watch in 2018

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Campbell's Chefs Pinpoint Six Food Trends to Watch in 2018

Botanical Beats

CAMDEN, N.J. — The chefs at Campbell's Culinary & Baking Institute (CCBI) have put together a list of half a dozen food trends to keep an eye on for the year ahead. 

From the early stage of discovery to those in the mainstream, Campbell's has ranked the following trends in its 2018 TrendScape Report

  1. Culinary Heritage: Categorized as being in the discovery stage, "heritage" is the culinary buzzword for 2018, replacing the likes of "authentic" and "ethnic" of years past. The concept of culinary heritage will place an emphasis on the people, traditions and stories that define our food.
  2. Feel-Good Treats: Feel-Good Treats are all about providing indulgences with some nutritional value. According to Campbell's, "healthy-ish" treats like fortified ice creams, vegetable desserts, mood-enhancing ingredients, protein-packed chips and fresh produce are in the introduction stage. 
  3. Meat: While there's no denying that meatless protein alternatives are growing in popularity, consumers are still interested in eating meat — a trend that's in the adoption stage. Of particular interest to consumers are unique butcher cuts, antibiotic-free meats and exotic game. 
  4. Botanicals: Also in the adoption stage are botanicals such as ginger, honey, hibiscus, lavender, elderflower, mint, cardamom and chamomile. 
  5. Alternatives: According to Campbell's, alternatives like lab-cultured burgers, cricket flour, non-dairy "milks" and ancient grains are a rising megatrend that has already hit the mainstream.
  6. Limited Edition: Joining alternatives in the mainstream are limited-edition releases that offer unique new twists on classic offerings, in addition to re-releases of formerly discontinued products and seasonal themes. 

"It's an exciting time to be a food lover and a chef. We're seeing food trends emerge and shift at an ever-increasing rate," said Thomas Griffiths, CMC, vice president of CCBI. "Our annual Campbell's TrendScape report tracks trends in their various stages from discovery through to global expansion, and these trends help inspire many of the amazing products we make."

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